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Privacy Policy
Our aim is to make as much profit as possible while giving as many people as possible great deals on the items we auction off. We will not sell any information we collect about you. We don't want to be associated with UCE (spam email) so we will only contact you about auctions relevant to you or general announcements or newsletters. You will always have the chance to opt out of any of this communication by turning off email announcements in your account.
Information we require for an active account: e-mail address.
In case you forget your password, your e-mail address is the easiest way to recover access. If you lose access to your e-mail address, we may ask you other questions about your account and at our discretion, change your account e-mail address to another address that you request.
Name: Please use your real name. You will not be able to change it casually.
username: You cannot change it and we will minimize the number of accounts per person and per household.
Sex: M or F. It's normally easy to classify and rarely changes right?
Information we collect on active accounts. You may delete or change the information, but false or missing information may slow down you down as you try to traverse the site or recover your account access:
Mobile Phone number (useful for auction alerts)
Mailing Address (for shipping wins)
Birthday (for birthday greetings and account verification)