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Firework Auction Explanation
Click here to see a full page example of a Firework Auction.
Current PriceWinner will pay this price for the product on auction.
High BidderThis person will win the auction if no other bids are placed.
Recent PrizesA list of the last few prizes won. Prizes are spread randomly through every 100 bids.
Bid ButtonClick here to bid. Only normal bids are accepted in Firework Auctions. You can change your bid icon in your account.
Product/Auction InformationDisplays the product retail price, how much you have invested, where you will find bonuses and in what range the auction will end.
Last 10 Bidders ListLast 10 bidders. You are allowed to place consectutive bids in non-timed auctions.
Bonus WinningsIn Firework auctions, Prizes are spread randomly through every 100 bids. In this case Elbert has gained P171.36, and Investing is winning 114.24. The prizes are placed into your account at the end of the auction.
Bid BalanceKeep track of how many bids you have here. In Firework Auctions, only normal bids are accepted.
Auction AlertIf you only want to join the auction after a certain price point, set an alert and we will notify you by email and/or sms message.