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At Bidgatin.com, we want you to stand the best chances possible of winning as much as possible so we have different types of auctions geared towards all different levels of bidders - from beginners to power bidders. If you feel you do better in one type of auction, you can focus on that type!
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Auction Types
RegularA conventional, everybody's invited auction. Use your regular bids and any voucher bids you have until you've gotten a hopefully great discount or you've spent enough in bids to pay the retail price. You really can't lose!
Trial Here you can practice your bidding style without losing anything. We will start your account with free trial bids.
Beginner For those who have never won or only won a few auctions, we'll keep the more experienced at bay so you can really taste victory and get used to the delicious taste!
Bid Limit Everyone is on an equal basis here. Even the powerbidder's large bid bank is no good here. Each bidder is limited to 25, 50, 100 etc bids max for each auction. Will you go all out in the beginning and take the win as others wait it out or will you conserve your bids and take the win as those with bigger egos burn themselves out?
Share The Pot An added bonus here - cash-back! After the bids have paid for the product, the last 3 bidders split half the profit. we will send you the money through Paypal, or through the mail.
In It To Win It The cure for the common jumper. If you didn't invest before certain milestones are reached, you can't continue bidding. A lock will appear when you are in danger of getting locked out. It will tell you how many bids you need to place to stay in the auction. Otherwise you will get locked out and your bids will not be accepted, regardless of your balance.
No-Timer If you have seen too many auctions go way past their expected or even logical ends, then no timer auctions are for you. We will tell you the price range in which the auction will end and give you cash bank bonuses if you place bids at the lucky correct price points in the bonus winning range. See Example.
PyramidBe the king of the hill. Can you win the auction and also get the cash bank bonus for placing the most bids? See Example
FireworkMore cash balance prizes than a regular No-Timer Auction. Every 100 bids will have at least 5 cash balance prizes until the auction end price is reached! See Example